Puppy from us

How it goes within us….or what the future owner of our litters shall know :-)

     In our kennel Rock on Fire we pay attention mainly to health, full-hearted and hardworking character and a high-quality exterior of our puppies.

     The studs for our bitches are chosen very carefully, considering the quality of the family tree, health, character and the appearance. The studs are chosen in breeding stations all around the whole Europe and we consult their usage for our bitches with top European and especially Scandinavian breeders. The aim is that the puppy from us carries the best possible genes and therefore is a typical representative of its breed! It is a sure thing to breed individuals which are the least allied to other descents present in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia.

     All of our dogs are regularly exhibited at prestigious exhibitions in the whole Europe. We are proud of two titles Club winner dog and Club winner bitch in the year 2012. And we can show off also countless of other exhibition titles. Besides that all of our dogs are actively used within the hunting practice. Each year we visit with them several hunts not only in a place where we live but also in other place in the Czech Republic. Regularly they attend hunts for pheasants and hares and also hunt for ducks. All our dogs are regularly given a dressur under the guidance of a qualified trainer. They have to pass not only the mandatory exams of inborn abilities of retrievers (OVVR) but also other performance exams.

     Dogs are breeded both in a household and outside. The puppies will be used to stay at home and outside, too. Dogs and puppies are used to live together with small kids J We also regularly transport our dogs by car so that they get used also to this activity which is of large troubles to many dogs. And as it is often with flats, also our dogs love the water and swimming. We grant also this to our dogs in a large extent! Luckily there is a pond near to our house J To be able to manage so many activities, our flats have to be well nourished. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of the feed and to the quality of the overall nutrition of our dogs and puppies. Therefore we feed them with the best feed available on the market.

     Dogs regularly go through veterinarian examinations, vaccinations and getting rid of worms. Any questions related to the health and nutrition we consult with top specialists at the Veterinarian faculty VFU in Brno or with other specialists in the give area of veterinarian care in the Czech Republic. Dogs regularly go through ophthalmologic examination for genetic eye defects, orthopedic examinations for dysplasia of hip and elbow joints or the luxation of patella.


What the future owner of our pupil receives together with the puppy?

  1. -      The owner receives a written purchase contract
  2. -      The puppy will be vaccinated
  3. -      The puppy will be free of worms
  4. -       International identification chip applied
  5. -       Euro passport (vaccination card)
  6. -       Pedigree
  7. -       The owner is given a granula nutrition for the first days in the new home
  8. -       Each puppy brings with itself a collar to its new home
  9. -       Each our puppy is given a small gift
  10. -       We guarantee a „breeding service“ to all our puppies

     Future owners can count with our help and advice as related to the exhibitions, training, trimming of the hair, nutrition etc.!


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