Kennel Rock in Fire

Kennel Rock on Fire

A long journey or „how I got to find FLAT…“

     For a long time I was thinking whether to even put this „tab“ to our website. Finally I decided to do so, for several reasons. One of the main reasons then was that I wanted to share my story of „how I came to this addiction“ also with people unaffected at all by the „flat mania“ J

     For my whole life I wanted so so much to have a dog. Unfortunately this longing was neither entirely fulfilled in my childhood nor later. Yes I had a dog but it had to stay with my grandmother because we used to live in an apartment with my parents and a dog could not stay there. As many of you probably figured out my point, this was never entirely THAT!

     And so as the time went by, I grew up, made myself independent, finished my studies, got married and with my husband we started to build a house. Well and how the things sometimes turn out, immediately as the vision of a finished house came close and clear and so the moving to our dreamt-of home was near, the longing to have „MY OWN“ dog started to resound in me again J Also my husband understood my longing and so we started to engage in this idea intensively.

     We went through various books, internet and still were not able to decide what the breed of the dog should be. Finally we agreed that it shall be some of the retrievers. Because of its friendly character, dependency on its master, positive relations to kids, playfulness but also the willingness to spend long hours on walks in the nature or playing with the ball… Then the “phase two” started, being the decision making whether to choose the Golden or the Labrador (for us, so uninformed before, the only two representatives of retrievers) and whether a dog or a bitch. Finally the winner was a golden bear – the Golden retriever. And the gender? …. Of course the male, we shall never raise the puppies! J

     So in the summer of 2007 came OUR first, dreamt-of dog, LERRY – Beetleweed of Anavy (golden retriever). We bought Lerry in the kennel “of Anavy” from Mrs. Halabalova. And as it happens we visited Mrs. Halabalova several times. Firstly to choose the dog, then to check how is Lerry prospering, then to show with Lerry how we grow. Mrs. Halabalova started to try to convince us to at least try to show-up with Lerry at some exhibition. Saying that it is a dog with a promising family tree, appearance and so on, it is a dog with Card of Origin and that we shall to try it at least. Then it continued – what if we enabled Lerry as a stud? This would be worth it, said Mrs. Halabalova! Finally she „eroded“ us to the extent that we were convinced that without a bit of exhibitions and stud enabling it is impossible to live! J

     To enable Lerry as a stud meant also to pass the examination of the inborn abilities of retrievers. However at the time when we started to think about this our first son Sebastian was born and so we were fully occupied by the care for the baby. A question „what to do with Lerry´s dressur?“ arised. Respecting my and my husband´s workload we started to look for someone who could take care for the dressur of our dog and prepare Lerry for the examination. That time we found the exercising ground for retrievers within Mrs. Hromadkova in Nedachlebice. Immediately we agreed with Mrs. Hromadkova and brought Lerry for the dressur. And this was the breaking point, the “day D”!

     Mrs. Hromadkova had at home a black dog damsel Aimee which totally fascinated us with its character! Upon a question to Mrs. Hromadkova whether THIS is THAT flat coated retriever which we only seen in dog atlases till now, she responded „yes“. This breed never caught our attention on pictures in books but once we spent with Aimee about two hours at the exercising ground, we were simply stunned J Well, mainly my husband… J Aimee is by the way a flat with a character so typical for this breed…. An uncontrolled bullet, with a ball instead of a brain, with an enormous taste to work and ingratiate oneself but beside this she is also an amazingly sensitive and on people dependent soul!

     „Now it was completely clear!“ I will not make this longer, in September 2008 our life changed again and our family was enriched by the second dog….guess which breed…. right - FLAT COATED RETRIEVER – our beloved ROCKY – BLACK ROCK Z MOKRÉ HORY!

     We bought Rocky at the kennel „Z MOKRE HORY“. The breeder Anička Zimova became our conductress through the world of flats, gave us valuable advices, embraced us to her world of flats, taught us to love flats and ignited in us the „flat mania“, now lasting for more than five years! A lot of thanks belongs to her for that! A surrender to dog exhibitions together with the adrenalin related to the joy after successful examinations is of course connected with this mania.

     During this wonderful time of five years our family thus got bigger not only by our second son Florian but also by two flat damsels – Joy and Iris. Despite we originally never wanted bitches, during a course of time our longing to hand over everything beautiful given to us by the flats, grown bigger. And so we acquired our “girls” and decided that we will breed these marvelous dog friends, too!


In April 2013 our kennel ROCK ON FIRE arises!!!:-)


     Nowadays there is not a single day in our life which would not be spinning around our two amazing sons but also around our dog friends! They are just simply full-value members of our family!

And for the case that someone still does not understand WHY!? ... Just for the look!





How it goes within us….or what the future owner of our pupils shall know J

     In our kennel Rock on Fire we pay attention mainly to health, full-hearted and hardworking character and a high-quality exterior of our pupils.

     The studs for our bitches are chosen very carefully, considering the quality of the family tree, health, character and the appearance. The studs are chosen in breeding stations all around the whole Europe and we consult their usage for our bitches with top European and especially Scandinavian breeders. The aim is that the puppy from us carries the best possible genes and therefore is a typical representative of its breed! It is a sure thing to breed individuals which are the least allied to other descents present in the Czech Republic or in Slovakia.

     All of our dogs are regularly exhibited at prestigious exhibitions in the whole Europe. We are proud of two titles Club winner dog and Club winner bitch in the year 2012. And we can show off also countless of other exhibition titles. Besides that all of our dogs are actively used within the hunting practice. Each year we visit with them several hunts not only in a place where we live but also in other place in the Czech Republic. Regularly they attend hunts for pheasants and hares and also hunt for ducks. All our dogs are regularly given a dressur under the guidance of a qualified trainer. They have to pass not only the mandatory exams of inborn abilities of retrievers (OVVR) but also other performance exams.

     Dogs are breeded both in a household and outside. The puppies will be used to stay at home and outside, too. Dogs and puppies are used to live together with small kids J We also regularly transport our dogs by car so that they get used also to this activity which is of large troubles to many dogs. And as it is often with flats, also our dogs love the water and swimming. We grant also this to our dogs in a large extent! Luckily there is a pond near to our house J To be able to manage so many activities, our flats have to be well nourished. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of the feed and to the quality of the overall nutrition of our dogs and puppies. Therefore we feed them with the best feed available on the market.

     Dogs regularly go through veterinarian examinations, vaccinations and getting rid of worms. Any questions related to the health and nutrition we consult with top specialists at the Veterinarian faculty VFU in Brno or with other specialists in the give area of veterinarian care in the Czech Republic. Dogs regularly go through ophthalmologic examination for genetic eye defects, orthopedic examinations for dysplasia of hip and elbow joints or the luxation of patella.

What the future owner of our pupil receives together with the puppy?

-          The owner receives a written purchase contract

-          The puppy will be vaccinated

-          The puppy will be free of worms

-          International identification chip applied

-          Euro passport (vaccination card)

-          Card of origin

-          The owner is given a granula nutrition for the first days in the new home

-          Each puppy brings with itself a collar to its new home

-          Each our puppy is given a small gift J

-          We guarantee a „breeding service“ to all our puppies

Future owners can count with our help and advice as related to the exhibitions, training, trimming of the hair, nutrition etc.!

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